Monday, October 22, 2007

testimony #036: date night

Some of our parents are in town for a visit. They offered to watch our kids tonight and gave us cash to go out. A very rare treat.

Since our all time favorite dig Szechuan has been closed for over a year* for remodeling, and since my head cold could use something small portioned and ridiculously spicy, we went to our runner up - Ann's Thai Kitchen.

It was fun to be on a brief agent respite and date with Agent Wife.

Ann Thai must be the hangout for everyone in the fair mother city who doesn't fit into its religious, west Texas mold. There's not too many gathering places for local Europeans, art students, and lesbians.

Thanks CEO.

*what's up with that Chef Huang?!? Will your new place be opened in time for my peking duck birthday meal in January?


IZenBet said...

man, a thai restraunt for artists, euros and lesbians? i might have to visit the fair city after all! if only to meet the agent, and have some pad thai...;-)

JesusFreak said...

My sister, Amanda, used to work at Szechuan's. She has some "interesting" stories from there you should ask her about. Don't worry, nothing that involves dogs, cats, rats, or bugs.

Agent B said...

THAT's where I recognize Amanda from!

Pleeeease tell me there isn't any bad stories to keep me away from the new szechuan...

Pastor Phil said...

yum bro. Glad to see you out and about.