Tuesday, October 30, 2007

tragedy on the local streets

Tragedy has hit the local homeless scene in the fair mother city. You can read about it here, and it's corresponding story here.

This act is not surprising. It's a well known fact that various gang initiations involve harming or even killing a person. And since homeless people are easy targets and crimes against them are rarely cared about or reported...

I think the national numbers reported in the story are way low, personally.

Nice to see that legendary homeless couple Sally and James made it in the local paper. I'm sure they don't care for the exposure. Damn media.


Lainie Petersen said...


Earlier this fall there was a rash of shootings of homeless people here in Chicago. One guy had just moved out of a shelter that very day.

Will it ever end?

Agent B said...

Thanks for stopping by Lanie.

Unfortunately, no - I don't think it'll ever end. The homeless are easy targets and easy to get away with doing harm to them.

Matthew said...

"Damn media."

Who crapped in your newspaper? Damn bloggers.

Agent B said...

Well Matthew...

I happen to know the woman in that photo very well.

And a few years ago, a photo of her living under a bridge was used in a well known ministry's marketing brochure.

Sure, like the ARN, the ministry probably had her permission to take her photo. But ultimately she was embarrassed & ashamed of it. And she probably lacks the confidence and ability to say "no, don't take my photo."

So to that: double damn on the local media for photographing people who don't need or want anymore exploitation.