Monday, July 30, 2007

the wide path

Both The Tiger and The Bulldog (sons of my next door neighbor Frieda Sanford) finally got busted for some crimes they were rumored to have been doing. I think getting caught was inevitable partially due to sowing and reaping. I’m a big believer in that.

But somehow, seeing their pictures and hearing their names on TV news hit me harder than I expected.

I mean, I don’t usually watch news or keep up with local media anymore. And flashing criminal mug shots on TV is common practice so seeing these isn't usually shocking.

This time it was different. I’ve known these guys since they were 9 or 10. And they’ve been my next door neighbors for over 4 years. And I’ve been to their birthdays, Christmas gatherings, other family parties and what not. Basically, they are a part of my life somewhat.

And finding out about them via the modern day version of being locked up in stocks at the town square was – I don’t know. I don’t have the words for it. Like maybe – what if Agent Offspring #1 & #2 were humiliated on public display for any reason. That would hurt knowing the whole town was gawking at them.

I think I received a brief view of what the mothers of criminals go through. I mean, nobody here is excusing these stupid actions. At least, I’m not. It’s always easy to identify with the victim of a crime. But this time around, fate was forcing me to identify with the perpetrator. This is not the first time for me to be friends with a criminal. But it is the first time I’ve known and been close to a criminal since they were an innocent kid.

A few weeks ago some 17-year old boy shot and killed a 16-year old girl we knew. And a local media outlet interviewed the murderer’s mother. She was in total shock, trying to disbelieve that her son committed this crime, who was “a good kid”. That interview was particularly low for mankind, I thought. Yet another reason why I despise “news” outlets.

Anyway, The Bulldog seems like what some would call a “hopeless case”. I know Jesus doesn’t see him that way, but Bulldog had chosen the hopeless path years ago. Or perhaps circumstances chose it for him. I don’t know.

But The Tiger still dances between forging a new path away from destruction or following the crowd. And the crowd has been especially tempting these days for him.

I finally got to talk to The Tiger briefly about his legal ordeals. He and his brother were arrested and released on bond. A court date is not scheduled yet.

I’m not their parent, but seeing them displayed on local news like run-of-the-mill criminals made me think weird thoughts. Like maybe there’s something I could have done to prevent this.

It’s weird.


Amanda said...

Maybe being exposed this way will make The Tiger realize this is not the life for him. A lot of people have to hit "rock bottom" before they're able to see the error in their ways. I know right now this is hard but hopefully this will make The Tiger sit down and take a good look at his life. I pray he changes his ways before he does become a hopeless case. My heart goes out to you, him, and his family.

Agent B said...

Yeah Amanda. I think this will slap some reality into him. Events like this seem to change his life, even if only temporarily.

He got into some very minor trouble 4 years ago as a juvenile. Basically, he was in the wrong place at the wrong time, saw something criminal take place, and didn't do anything about it.

The law wanted to teach him a lesson so they threw him into juvey jail for one weekend.

It freaked him out and he was on the up n up for years after that.

Tangerinetinselbreeze said...

I hate this situations on so many levels. I have a friend that I have known since grade school. She has had a few abortions. The last one she told me about, I literally begged her to let me have the child. She had the abortion. I had another friend that I was very close with for several years. SHe too got PG and after profuse begging on my part had an abortion. I felt like a failure to the babies and the friends, as both have had many painfully regretful days. I understand.
I pray that you have endurance in the race. Never grow weary of doing the thing the Lover has for you. I am still a friend to one. The other can't or won't be my friend. I pray that you can love these guys no matter what. I pray that you can speak wisdom into their beings. I pray that you can be to them what God would have you be.

Leanne said...

I'm sorry, B.

g13 said...

that sucks. here's to hoping for redemption.