Wednesday, July 25, 2007

pruning boy #009: trees of inconvenience

On the pruning boy job (a nickname for myself at my low-paying manual labor job with Son and Dad Tree Service, Inc.) I get to observe wealthy people fairly often. Most of the customers who hire us live in the fair mother city's upper-class neighborhoods.

For the last three years I have had little money. Unless the CEO instructs otherwise, most every dime I find goes towards living in our house and maintaining our health (food, etc). Thus, my priorities are set accordingly. So I often wonder how other people, rich or poor, deal with their money. Like what priorities they have, what is important to them, etc. I don't do this to be judgmental. I'm just curious. Would I do in their situation, etc.

Most of the tree jobs we do involve simple trimming. This can be for looks or to remove the dead or for something practical (room to walk/drive under a tree, etc.)

A while back we were called to come remove a couple of two and a half story tall pine trees from this woman's front yard.

The reason: they were starting to put cracks in the drive way.

That's it. They weren't dead or dying or about to fall on a house. Just cracking some cement.

I mean hey, this ain't a pro-tree hugger report. Although I'm sure John Denver would be proud. But the fair mother city is not known for its trees. The city is located in a semi-arid region on the cusp of the desert. It's not impossible to grow trees here, but it ain't easy. Pine trees especially. They take a ton of water and you'd have to be wealthy to have mature ones in your yard.

And to hire some moe, larry & curly team like us just to dispose of them because they're an inconvenience...

Well, I don't know where to go with this exactly.

I guess having money means you can deal with inconveniences, whatever those are in your life. No pesky waiting or doing without.

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Leanne said...

Yep. Pretty hard to hear God's voice/direction when you don't have to wait for it, huh? Easy to act upon impulses when you're actions are under your own power/control, huh?

nothing like persspective, B. you couldn't BUY the stuff the CEO is giving you through the glimpses of others.

that's one fortunate place to be.