Wednesday, July 04, 2007

happy mexican 4th of july

The hispanic culture is one of the most party-down cultures on earth.

We were invited to about four parties but could only make one. So the first invite was from some good friends of ours who live outside of town past the airport. They are related to the Valdez family across the street from us.

These two guys from Dallas were going to be there with their guitars. They are pros and entertain in the DFW area. The guy on the right use to live in the fair mother city nine years ago, and I knew him then when he played at the El Phoenix. I got to bring the 10-caliber and sit in with them and hack some bass lines through a bunch of spanish songs. I survived.

I love this culture. Local musicians know that the money is in the hispanic/tejano scene. People from Mexico party 7 days a week. And they truly respect live music as it brings people together.

It was great. Everyone was singing and having a blast. Old ladies singing like there was no tomorrow. Half drunk guys playing little harmonica solos. And I think there were only about twelve of us.

CEO - may I sing like there's no tomorrow.


Leanne said...


Anonymous said...

Is that guy in the white shirt Tony? He sang at my mother's birthday party!

Agent B said...

I think his name is...anonymous.

Deana Watson said...

I've been crap at commenting lately. I'm reading...and wanted to stop by and say hi.

I love reading your accounts of life on under cover lane. Keep it up.

Agent B said...

Thanks Deanna.

But I no longer refer to the neighborhood as "undercover lane". I made that up too last minute and it sounded cheesy.

It's now referred to "this undisclosed location we call home"

Leanne said...

that doesn't work either. I think you need to make a new post and start a contest or something. we need to come up with a name for the place you dwell.

Deana, you go first.

Jenelle said...

I want to party like the Hispanics do. Dang. I thought us Italians had it down.

Tangerinetinselbreeze said...

I need to find some Mexican's to hang out with. It get's lonely in my neck of the woods. I felt so outta place at our "street dance." At the same time I didn't want to squelch the spirit of live music here. I have to say way to go B for being relevant to whatever community you are in. I have got a lot to learn either that or I can pray to God for a relocation. Please, please please.

millerbrodos said...

awesome stuff. that is a great opportunity to play a little latin flavor. i must say i am a little jealous. ;)