Sunday, July 15, 2007

six million dollar man

Obi-Wan has not graced the presence of these reports much in recent times. But he is still an active participant in my life and (I assume) I in his. He is basically back to his pre-christmas 2006 self, sans lower left leg.

For those recently joining us, my elderly friend, neighbor, and all-around personal guru Obi-Wan, has been through hell and back physically and maybe emotionally since the new year.

Obi-Wan is a diabetic and old. And basically, old diabetics have almost non-existent circulation in their feet and lower legs. His leg had been giving him all kinds of hell for months. Sometime after the new year his health dropped so rapidly that I was convinced he was on his way out, soon to join the CEO. He was as weak as a kitten and could no longer walk, even with aid of devices.

After amputation surgery in February, six weeks in recovery, two weeks in rehab, adjusting to home life with his long lost prodigal son Lamont, then running his son off to never be seen again, Obi-Wan is back to the old guru I once knew.

Granted, he’s now wheelchair bound. But he’s the same old guy again. I’m now getting re-use to him. He may be able to “walk” again real soon. A rehab nurse works with him daily helping him train to use what he affectionately calls his “peg leg”. Actually, it’s more like a device from a sci-fi movie.

Obi-Wan: 90 years old. Diabetic. Prostate cancer. WWII vet. Gas station explosion survivor. Amputee.

We can rebuild him.


Leanne said...

*feels bad about the grin she can't contain*

RCM- Steve said...

Massage can be extremely helpful to diabetics, especially to the hands and feet, arms and legs. To minister in this way may look unappealing to many, but I sort of consider it in the same league as Jesus washing the feet of His disciples.