Friday, December 15, 2006

testimony #023

In the airport at Minneapolis/St. Paul in route to Saskatchewan, Agent Wife and I met a young couple returning home after a semester in New Jersey.

They couldn't be older than 20. The gal struck up a conversation based on our squirming babies and we hit it off, I suppose.

They of course asked where we were from, going to, etc. Which led to how we met and what do we do in the fair mother city.

For some reason we actually told them without the secret agent lingo, but with more of an Uncle George-like description.

They asked what group we were with and we explained we weren't with anyone but the CEO and that he provided.

I didn't even know if this couple were christ followers or not. Turns out they met each other in some menonite youth group.

When the plane landed in Saskatchewan, they came up the AGent Wife in the baggage claim and slipped us a $100 support check.

Thank you CEO.

PS - we made it to Saskatchewan


Pastor Phil said...

Ain't them Mennonites sweet?

Agent B said...

yup. And this couple was definately sweet.