Monday, December 18, 2006


While in Saskatchewan, I am determined to hear the CEO on some issues in the life of my family and our mission. Before we left the fair mother city, I wrote down a short, four point list of things to pray and meditate on.

Everybody hears the CEO differently. And I mean "hear" as in...hear, I guess. Anything really. An audible voice. A relevant scripture. Who knows.

I usually hear the CEO while walking. By myself. On long walks. I haven't heard him much in the past year. And that's not due to lack of walking, because I walk everywhere possible. His last word to me was "wait". So I figure I better not expect much more than that. But I'm ready for another word since some things in my life are shifting around.

When I visit my in-law's acreage, I like to walk the perimeter of their property. It's long, lonely, seldom traveled, and I enjoy it. But I usually do this in the summer.

So I figure, what's the difference if there's over 2 feet of snow. I'll just bundle up.

Most of the time the CEO talks to me through my actions. As in...what I find myself doing ends up being the message. Weird, I know.

Saturday I started out on my acreage walk. I got maybe a quarter of the first side of the property and I wondered if was not the stupidest thing I've ever done.

The stupidest thing I've ever done was hiking behind that waterfall in Ouray, Colorado. The path behind the water was about 2 feet wide of slippery rock. And five stories down was the typical jagged rocked death that awaited me. Stupid, but fun.

But this snow trek counldn't be that stupid. It's not like search teams would have to go finding me. You can't get lost on the acrage. But I did see a coyote.

It was only -5C (22F?) and that's warm. But it was snowing and the wind was blowing against me. So it felt like...-90C.

Walking through 2+ feet of semi-soft snow takes a lot of energy. And you don't move very fast though it. I needed to help shovel a driveway after this walk and I wondered if I'd have the energy after this fool-ass trip. I trucked on anyway.

After about half way through I realized that if I do this everyday, it'll probably get easier, since I will have made huge tracks.

If it doesn't snow a lot, and if I keep at it, maybe there will be a huge trail that I can just walk through in the next three weeks.

...there's got to be a message in that somewhere.

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