Monday, December 04, 2006

so you want to be a secret agent (pt. I)

The following series of blog reports will be a semi-serious attempt to explain this missionary schtick of mine known as secret agent, aka undercover operative for the CEO of the universe.

Not that I believe in wordy explanations for anything.

Like music, if the artist(s) have to explain their music with verbiage before and/or after an initial listening, then the music didn’t do it’s job.

Faith is similar. When jesus followers have to give verbose explanations and debates for everything, then perhaps their life as a whole is lacking in the faith they claim. I don’t know. Just a theory.

But the agent b files have been up and running for over a year. And it’s time for a somewhat clear-cut explanation, if possible. So as long as I’ve got time to waste, here goes…

Part I: definition

What is a secret agent/undercover operative? – There is no Webster’s definition that I know of. And I don't feel like googling a definition. But it’s basically a person masquerading as someone else in order to complete a task or extended mission.

I have real problems with that “masquerading” part. That word generally means faking or pretending. I like to be real, not fake. Movie actors who pretend to be someone else on film will actually go through real life situations before or during filming in order to not fake it. In preparation for Saving Private Ryan, Spielberg put Tom Hanks and crew in a real life army boot camp for six weeks.

I watched a TV program recently about an FBI agent who went undercover as a biker in order to join the Hell’s Angels to help bring some of their murdering members to justice. The FBI couldn’t send in some guy faking the biker life. He’d be exposed and killed instantly. So they used an agent who actually was a biker in his spare time and knew the culture. Some faking might have happened and some on-the-spot acting was necessary. But the agent could fit in with the Hell’s Angels without being noticed. Basically, the agent WAS a Hell’s Angel.

My particular missionary calling is to the poverty culture of the fair mother city. It makes sense why the CEO had me do this. I’ve been in this city almost half my life. I was born and raised middle class. But many key situations throughout my life have trained me for this moment without my knowing. Including a 4-year stint as a minister of benevolence with a food pantry and other offerings to the poverty community.

Now I am one of “them”. Embedded within their neighborhood and various life situations. No longer an us vs. them ordeal. I am them. But I am the CEO’s. I am one of them, but I am not. Confusing? Maybe.


ahbahsean said...

I know this isn't the point of the post... but your kid cracks me up! That pic is awesome.

Agent B said...

Oh, but that pic IS the point.

We cannot always pick our agent assignment.

Pastor Phil said...

Does this mean I have to become a Witch? I've already been accused of that.

Agent B said...

Does this mean I have to become a Witch?

No. But you obviously blend in well enough with witches that you have "become" one.

And since the church folks booted you out over it proves that you are in deep cover with the witch society.

Your friendships with them and love for them is real. Not a masquerade.

Keep up the good work Agent Phil.