Monday, November 12, 2007

testimony #037: medical debt relief

As mentioned in this report, my friend Obi-Wan owed $4600 to a local hospital, which was impossible for him to pay. So I filled out paperwork for a hardship case two months ago.

We have not heard from them. But, Obi-Wan has not received his usual monthly bill for a while. That looked promising.

So today I called the woman who gave me the paperwork in September.

She said his account has been cleared and they forgot to send a notice about it. Obi-Wan no longer owes the local hospital $4600.

This is a massive ordeal for me. Not only a faith boost, but this appears to be a personal lesson in not putting too much faith in plans: the CEO of the universe will use whatever means he wants in whatever time frame he wants to answer prayer.

For those who have been following along since July: I posted and emailed a plea for $500 to help with Obi-Wan’s eyeglasses. If we ended up with more than $500, the extra would be applied toward his $7000+ medical debt.

We received $850, which blew me away that everyone is so generous. Then the deal shut down as Obi-Wan wanted to see his regular eye doctor who couldn’t schedule him until December. So I contacted the donors to return the money.

Meanwhile, we stumbled upon a deal where we could apply for hardship towards a $2800 debt to a local rehab outfit. His debt was canceled within 24 hours of turning in the paperwork. So I decided to try the same stunt with his $4600 hospital debt, which we were informed this morning of the good news.


My plan: beg for money on the internet for his eyeglasses and hope to decrease Obi-Wan’s debt.

The CEO’s plan: eliminate the whole damn debt via simple paperwork ordeals (hardship case applications). And take care of the eye work in December. Which by the way, my friend The Corporate Guy offered two months ago to pay for Obi-Wan’s eye ware when the day came.

My dear friend, mentor, and fried pork steak chef Obi-Wan is a debt free man.

Thank you CEO.


Jenelle said...

This testa-mint makes me very happy.

carl said...

wow!.. I like good news.

Agent B said...

Thanks guys. I think it's important to share when prayers are answered.

And this was so weird as I had concocted a plan to make this happen, and the lord made it work a different and better way.

Jenelle said...

I would also like the CEO to smash to smitherines my own debt-relief plan with his clever strongarming o' mercy.

Agent B said...

Well happened to me, so it can happen anywhere.

We got out of debt (school related) a good 4-5 years earlier than planned.

Of course, those years of toiling away at a dead-end, low pay job made all seem impossible at first.

Keep at it.

Leanne said...

Yay, Obi-Wan.

Yay, B.

Yay, God.


Lainie Petersen said...


Just wow.

Please don't think me shallow, Agent B, because I am in awe of the CEO and his ways.

But could you possibly give a description of what you wrote, and any other important information, in order to get the debt relief? It may be of use to other people.


Agent B said...


I did nothing special. I just filled out the hardship case forms of both medical outfits that he owed money to.

Since Obi-Wan is 90, lives off social security, and has no other income or assets, he was a shoe-in.

I didn't realize how easy this was, nor did I realize that this option existed as I've never had any medical problems personally.