Friday, November 16, 2007


Our children’s unofficial grandfather is my dear friend, neighbor, mentor, and instant-coffee brewer Obi-Wan.

Obi-Wan is 90. He’s been wheelchair bound since his left leg was amputated in February, but he’s still convinced he’ll soon get out in the yard and fire up his home-made BBQ pit that’s made out of a deep freeze.

Obi-Wan doesn’t have nice stuff. His house could probably get condemned by the city if they found out about it. Most of the electrical outlets and hanging lamps are some rigged setup of his from 35 years ago with wires hanging off the ceiling, etc.

My family goes over and eats dinner at his house once or twice a week. Sometimes we bring grub. Sometimes he cooks depending if he’s in the mood for fried catfish nuggets or pork steaks.

The last couple of dinners there, Obi-Wan left his TV blaring in the living room while we ate in the dining area. And both times it was tuned to TBN. I think that’s the only channel that comes in clear at his house with rabbit ears. TBN must have been having a pledge drive of some sort as people were preaching (sort-of) in front of a studio audience and asking viewers to call in now.

A scroll ran across the screen asking for pledges of $70, $700, or $7000.

I have no deep thoughts here. Just reporting on the weird mix of wealthy looking televangelists asking for money in the context of Obi-Wan’s dilapidated house.

*Photo from Wilson Tai


carl said...

those weird moments can speak deep into our hearts more than deep thoughts. thanks for sharing.

mike said...

first, i am glad to see you give accreditation to the photographer. a lot of folks use my images (they are CC) and some don't give me credit.

second, this is a very touching post. it is the perfect picture of christianity. and it isn't a pretty one. but your friendship with OB adds a certain beauty to an other wise bleak and realistic display.

Agent B said...

Thanks for the kind words guys.

And yes, a while back I finally learned that swiping photos off the internet might be stealing.

So the next time I wanted one that was blatantly someone's creative artwork (as opposed to some generic photo of Olsteen's teeth) I would take Jennelle's advice and give credit.

Shame on me for not doing so until now.

Anonymous said...

nice bike photo!