Wednesday, November 07, 2007

murmurings in the fair mother city

There's a letter to the editor in Abilene's local paper that's worth reading here.

The author of the letter was also interviewed in one of the stories about Eric McMahan's murder, found here.

I have met this guy about a year and a half ago, during the same sting operation at the downtown baptist beach head where I met Eric. The author is not homeless, but once was and is now on a mission to help our friends on the street. Or so that's what I gathered.

He once talked of organizing a "million man" march of homeless folks through downtown Abilene to protest Abilene's church culture. He got the idea from Momo, of all people. Momo wanted to sue every church in this town for not doing what Jesus said in the bible.

Anyway, the letter is poorly worded, but his gist gets across. The "comments" section has some interesting conversation. (You can now comment on stories from the on-line newspaper like a blog).

More than one person in the comments have referred to the church scene as a "social club". Ha.

And all this time I thought I was the only one who used that descriptor...

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