Tuesday, May 15, 2007

this just in

An old post from right here on the agent b files recently became an article in Next Wave, an online magazine on emergent church. I find that real funny since I just learned what emergent means.

It's found here.


Dustin said...

hahaha, that is funny. for not knowing, you sure represent it well!

Jenelle said...

Rad article. I always thought that the people who are most emergent are the ones just living it and not yapping so much about it. 24-7 Prayer Movement, for example.

Did they post it with your permission, I hope?

Anonymous said...

Cool. Really cool.

I dig it man.

Agent X

Agent B said...

They had permission. I sent it in when a trusted friend (G13 aka Disability Resourcer in Beverly, MA) sent a mass fwd email (from the portland seminarian) to several folks asking for submissions.

I didn't think they'd take mine seriously.

And I'm not rich yet. I still work manual labor with 2 funny old men every day...

Scott said...

That is great B. One of the downsides to the ubiquitous nature of blogs is that good writing and insight can be buried in the real-time posting. Reading that post in a different format and context really brought out the life in it. Good job.

RCM- Steve said...

sweet, sweet, sweet, agent b
you do write well, very well;
i'm glad your post made front page

kayak man

Josh Rivera said...

I love that! I spent my last years in Florida in suberbia and I relate to all of that! Right now I'm a teen so I'm not supposed to be rebellious anyway, but hopefully when I get older I still don't give a crap about what what mainstream Christianity says about me.