Wednesday, May 30, 2007

sketches #001 (formerly "randoms")

Please read Agent Wife's take on immigration here. My only addendum to it is...with jesus' words on looking after the alien, along with widows and orphans, wouldn't American christians be flocking to aid immigrants, illegal or not?

Immigration seems to be the modern day exposing of the church's heart.

Pledge allegiance to: a) the flag or to b) your god. Pick one.


I think the CEO is exposing an ill area that was developing in my heart. And he is thus saying, "whoa it down a little".

Confession: I loathe baptists. Not necessarily baptist people. Some dear friends I care about are baptist (such as Agent S and family, formerly of the fair mother city and unintentional initiator of these reports two years ago).

But I work for a baptist. And 99% of all his clients are baptists. And suddenly I realized baptists are everywhere.

And baptists seem to be the epitome of "keeping the outside of the cup polished". Not that this is unique to baptists or even christians in general. Or even me.

But having a document that must be signed saying you will never touch alcohol and etc in order to be a part of christ's church is very cup polishing, period.

I don't hate baptists. I just loathe their denomination. Their politics and general practices.

But today, through my employment with Son & Dad Tree Service, Inc. I picked up a little chump-change job helping some guy move things around a storage unit. And of course, this guy is one of The Son's baptist friends, since that's who he mostly associates with.

And I have to say, the CEO slapped me in the face real gentle and said, "See...they're not out to get you. Nobody's perfect. And you certainly aren't, B."

This guy paid me well for the little I was needed for. Plus he wined and dined me at a donut shop. Basically, I was treated well.

This hasn't made me change my message towards cup polishers. Although I realize it's not a message aimed at individuals or even a denomination as much as it is aimed at all of christ's followers (ie: me).


Summer is in full swing at the Sanford residence. These folks are steeped in poverty, but always find ways to live it up and enjoy life.

The pool is assembled in the back yard. Some inflatable water slide from a garage sale is being set up.

And new this year: a huge-ass volleyball net set up in the front, taking up the whole yard.

Tonight after dinner, me and the family joined in on some impromptu volleyball action. Manuel and I totally whipped Agent Wife & Jessie. I never realized how athletic he was. I guess when you operate chainsaws and clear mesquite fields for a living, you can spike a volleyball even if you're near 60.

Cheap beer an front yard sports. It was fun.


agent wife said...

You totally DID NOT whip us! If anyone was counting, I think it would have been very much even if not in our favor- not to mention the fact that Jessie and I had already been playing for like an hour when you decided to chime in and the fact that we were playing on the side of the court that had all the hazards: a rose bush, mud, a section of standing water, parked cars and the cheering section with beers, chairs, our screaming daughter and a wagon half way on our court! Always INTERESTING to read your interpretation of things! ha, whipped us indeed. See you at the court tomorrow night!

Agent B said...


We spanked you.

Tangerinetinselbreeze said...

I think I might be driving around the north side looking for a volley ball net and some beer drinkers tomorrow.

Agent B said...

Come on by...

But the volleyball net is already taken down.

And beer drinking always happens totally unannounced...

Tomorrow will be another day.

Mark said...

I liked "Immigration seems to be the modern day exposing of the church's heart."

I know that is sort of a random pull from the larger post, but ever since a few days ago, my heart has been fixed on this topic, and it was crazy to see you bring it up.

A question for all times: What is the current scandal in our generation that the human "church" is trying to cover up and God's Kingdom is trying to reveal?

Sounds like you may be on to something big...