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the fair mother city: part III


History has always been a mild interest of mine. And particularly, local history. And by local, I mean wherever I happened to be living at the time (ie: If I lived in Bangor, Maine, then I’d be fascinated by Bangor’s history. But I’ve never been there, thus I’ve never looked into Bangor’s history).

The history of the fair mother city is fun for me because it’s real. This is my home. I walk or drive by things every day that was once some historical significance of some sort. For example, there’s a huge rusted metal building near Franklin Middle School, between N. 10th and N. 11th streets a few blocks west of Grape Street (I think the address is Clinton Street). Few people know that this was once the garage that housed the downtown trolley cars back in the 1920’s.

I love this kind of stuff. I am a nerd.

If you don’t want to read the details, here’s the history of the fair mother city in a brief, one sentence quip:

Abilene, Texas was founded on bribery, deceit, and greed.

And somehow, in a spiritual sense, I don’t think that’s too far off from the inner makings of the religious church culture that controls this town. But those parallels are mere conspiracy theories of mine, and nothing more.

The brief details of the fair mother city’s founding:*

In the mid to late 1870’s, a community of people lived in Buffalo Gap, Texas in Taylor County. It was the only populated community in the area due to it’s natural underground water source and beautiful greenery. I think somewhere between 1000 and 3000 people lived there.

Word got out that the Texas and Pacific Railroad Co. (T & P) were planning to build a railroad between Dallas/Ft. Worth and El Paso. Everyone knew that having the railroad built in your struggling frontier town meant strong economic impact and thus a strong future for your town. Buffalo Gap was directly in between Ft. Worth and El Paso so all was assumed that they would be put on the map forever.

Meanwhile, three businessmen (J.D. Parramore, and twin brothers John and Clabe Merchant) met with an executive from the T & P at the Hashknife Ranch, located about 15 miles north of Buffalo Gap in an open field where current day Will Hair City Park is located**.

The three businessmen bribed the railroad executive to have the railroad built about 15 miles north of Buffalo Gap…through an empty field they happen to own. Knowing good and well that any land with a railroad on it would multiply in value overnight, the bribing trio planned to auction off city blocks from the railroad and create Abilene, named after Abilene, Kansas which was then a famous cattle shipping point. And this happened March 15, 1881. The first city block sold is at N. 2nd and Pine Street (One City Center which currently houses AISD offices).

Residents of Buffalo Gap were dumbfounded since their town already had the populous in the region. Three years later, Abilene was voted County Seat over Buffalo Gap. Legend states that there was an actual gun slinging fight over the transfer of county record from BG to the FMC. But nobody was shot.

And there you have it: bribery, deceit, trickery, and greed. Little did the founding fathers know (or care) that not only was there no natural water source*** for their new city, but that their open field was a major flood plain****. Way to go guys! Who needs common sense when you can make a buck.

*Please, it has been a few years since I’ve read the numerous history books on Abilene from our local library. Some details of mine written here may be incorrect. If interested, there’s a wealth of books at the downtown library. The best ones on Abilene and Taylor County history are written by Juanita Zachery, who I’m told is still alive and lives near ACU.

** Yes, the pervert park by ACU.

***The fair mother city still struggles to maintain an adequate water supply for its residents, especially amongst drought within our semi-arid region of the planet.

****Abilene, especially the city’s north side (which is usually home to the poorer residents) floods easily and often. There are no underground drainage systems within the north side of town. The streets serve as drainage into the creek system. And the creeks are often in need of cleaning and/or maintenance to insure proper water flow in flood situations. I’ve noticed that creeks in the southern, wealthier parts of the city are cleared out often, when north side creeks are left in need of repair. But I may be incorrect on this observation...


miller said...

sounds like you pegged it! the creeks on the north side are without doubt neglected while on the south side they're pristine.

not only that but the south side parks are in far better shape than the north side.

so how does justice come into this city?

Jason & Nicole said...

Perplexing and hopeless history . . . must have some value. Perhaps it inspires us to groan with all creation and to hope and to bring God's justice.

Agent B said...

"so how does justice come into this city?"

Certainly not on a red carpet or silver platter.

Probably it comes in very subtly. Subversive. Quiet. In the back door without notice. Befriending and walking with those outside "the wall".

I don't know.

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Anonymous said...

I don't doubt the history you recite here has an effect on the character of the town and its people even today. BTW it is very interesting. But I would like to see your thoughts on just what that effect is and what spirit today's Atown has inherited that can be traced back to its roots.

Fantastic post.

And I concur with Jason/Nicole. Groaning with Creation...

And when I read here, I listen for the prophetic voice. Have a warning, some directive, comfort?

Welcome home.

Jesus is Lord!

Agent X

Agent B said...

X - I hope to gather my thoughts (and conspiracy theories) on the fair mother city's overall spiritual make-up and wrap it all up in part IV.

May be a while before I get to it. Thanks.

Jason & Nicole said...

Looking forward to part IV . . . and really any new Agent B posts.


aintmyfault said...

Probably my fault that the creeks are not maintained ... see - back in 1989 the City of Abilene came on my property with a Demolition Order - Ordered my then pregnant wife and myself off and demolished my 2 (two) brand new homes, my business and everything on it ... scraping away my top soil, collapsing my septic tank and even demolished a couple trees. We were made instantly homeless in the middle of the winter and found an old school bus to live on ... no bedding, no clothes other than what was on our backs - but; it was supposedly for the benefit of all mankind?

We received NOT ONE RED CENT for our property and we did not have any day in court prior to being deprived of life, liberty or PROPERTY. But, this is Abilene, Texas. I have been fighting them since.

For any really interested - you can look up Cause No. 23075-B in the 104th District Court, Taylor County, Texas ... and see for yourself that I have 10 (ten) Plaintiffs against me. Mostly those of the City of Abilene, Texas, Legal Office ... mostly all it's Attorneys - WHO USED YOUR TAX DOLLARS TO BRING FORTH THIS FRAUD - HOPING TO EACH - EACH OF 10 (TEN) PLAINTIFFS - WANTING IN EXCESS OF $10,000.00 EACH ... for the damages I allegedly caused them for destroying my life?

When I pointed out in clear language that the City Employees or even possibly elected officials - regardless ... PUBLIC SERVANTS wanted to make a benefit, increase, profit and/or etc. by using Your Hard Earned Tax Dollars (Misappropriated Public/Federal Funds) - the ... Honorable Judge Presiding allowed the Public Servants to simply claim they no longer wanted to get the benefits, increase, profits and/or etc. from the use of the Misappropriated Funds ... all they wanted to do now, was basically Defraud me, commit almost countless Felonies against me and use the Honorable Court as their personal Criminal Instrument against me.

I have been blocked by the press ... and the Plaintiffs each swore under oath to KNOWN FALSE STATEMENTS - used in an Official Proceeding (called Aggravated Perjuries in legal terms) - and the Honorable Judge allowed this to stand. I even ordered the Honorable Judge Presiding to arrest the Assistant City Attorney to be arrested and thrown in to jail for Aggravated Perjuries that I proved she committed ON THE WITNESS STAND ... but; could not convict an innocent man (me) if the head attorney against me went to jail for Aggravated Perjury ... soooo

I was then deprived of a JURY TRIAL ... so that the Plaintiffs could win the case. All the truth was thrown out - and I was not even allowed to give Offer of Testimony ... I have the Transcripts of the Final Trial to prove all I say is correct and I can show you a list longer than your leg of Felonies, Criminal and/or Civil Violations, Rule Violations and/or etc. that the Plaintiffs were allowed to conduct in the Honorable Judge's presence - but ... that's politics.

The Plaintiffs were each billed over a Billion Bucks ... after they submitted a Proposed Final Judgment & Order on November 8, 2006 ... then they Fraudulently Altered the Judgment to emcompass the billing I gave them - I billed them on November 13, 2006 and even filed the bill into the Court Record - so, they incorporated it into the Proposed Final Judgment & Order - NEVER NOTIFIED ME OF THE CHANGES ... the Honorable Judge Presiding signed it and it was filed ... I WAS NOT EVEN SERVED A COPY OF THE FRAUD CREATED BY PRESUMED EX PARTE COMMUNICATIONS ...

I say "PRESUMED", only because the Honorable Judge Presiding tried to side with the Plaintiffs claiming "Plenary Powers" ... but; I told him how the cow chewed the cudd - let him know that he had absolutely no Jurisdiction or Plenary Powers OVER A KNOWN FRAUD - and he kind of jumped up and ran out of his own Court room. Poor Bailiff was standing there not knowing what to do ... this occured on December 15, 2006 and there are court watchers who would vouch for this - even a Notary Public was present and several other attorneys not involved with the case ... all jaws appeared to fall to the floor.

I filed a Motion to show cause for the Fraudulently Filed Lien or Claim the City created by Fraudulen6tly Altering the Proposed Final Judgment & Order of November 8th ... that was filed on November 28, 2006 - unlawfully attempting to Discharge a Valid Debt owed by the Plaintiffs for my charging them for each Felony, Criminal and/or Civil Violation ... for the filing of the Frivolous Claims - and then I had to also bill the Honorable Judge along with the Conspiring Plaintiffs ... so - they appeared to further Conspire through EX PARTE COMMUNICATIONS - to Fraudulen6tly Alter the Proposed Judgment to incorporate that which was never an issue during any of the Trial or the hearings ... of course the Honorable Judge appears to be helping them - as he is billed over a Billion Bucks as well - owed individually, Jointly and /or severally.

I am still waiting to be heard on the Fraudulently Filed Lien or Claim - so Fraudulent ... that the City is trying to deprive me of Appellant Process by threatening me with Criminal Charges if I oppose their Frauds.

I also requested a Judicial Finding of Fact and Conclusion of Law that the Judge has Judicial Duty to write up and submit to the parties - AS IT IS ONLY LAWFUL TO REQUEST SUCH FOR A TRIAL THAT HAD NO JURY ... and I was deprived a Jury so that the City could allegedly get away with their Frauds ... that are upheld in this 104th District Court.

So far - the Judge has not provided the parties with such Finding of Fact and Conclusion of Law ... probably because there is no law or fact that would support what our forefathers would have stretched their necks with a hemp rope tied to a gallows ... such would most likely be considered as Treason and Tyranny to state the least of their unlawful deeds against the Dignity and the Peace of the State of Texas, We the People and all you Tax Payers ...

Yes - I am still waiting to be heard - so - I am submitting a couple Motions in the court again - soon ... and I will also send out copies of the Frauds, Felonies and/or etc. to the State Commission on Judicial Conduct and the Texas State Bar ... maybe that will either get me shot or clean up some of the corruptions of this alleged Judicial System and Known Felonious Public Servants whom are also known as Plaintiffs of Cause No. 23075-B.

What is really hilarious - is that I forced the Attorney General of Texas to compel the City to honor my request for Public Information/ Open Records Act ... The City tried to get out of having to supply it and appeared to think the Attorney General of Texas was as corrupt as they are; how ..., well - they told the Attorney General that the Cause of Actions DID NOT EVEN EXIST - they have no information to support that "600" Virgil St., Abilene, Texas, even exists.

What is cute - is I made Conditional Acceptance with the Honorable Judge, the Plaintiffs, anyone inside or outside the court room ... that if ... IF - IF the Honorable Judge Presiding, the Plaintiffs or anyone inside or outside the court room COULD PROVE the Cause of Actions filed against me EVEN EXISTED ...

I would plead guilty of every horendous crime that ever occured in Taylor and Callahan County that has not been solved or had been answered to ...; then,

The Judge could take the Bailiffs gun and me down to the drive way of the court house on Oak Street, Abilene, Texas ...

AND BLOW MY BRAINS OUT ACROSS THE PARKING LOT for my just punishment that I would willfully submit to.

Well - apparently I am still breathing and I am not an attorney - as my brains are still in my head at this time ... no offense meant, just pure observations and opinion of my own -

And to top it off - not only did the Plaintiffs NOT HAVE TO PROVIDE ANY BURDEN OF PROOF - the Judge would not even allow me to question any more of the Plaintiffs ... he refused to jail the Assistant Attorney for the Aggravated Perjuries I caught her in ... in fact - to help the Plaintiffs escape from the Known Aggravated Perjuries ... he allowed them to "Amend" their Original Petition to almost ... ALMOST ... do away with their original FRAUDS ... but; they were not quite smart enough to completely abrogate their Frauds and they are soon to discover this fact once I file again.

What really tops it all off - after the guilty verdict against me ... in the Jury Less Trial, with no evidence to support the claims of the Plaintiffs and/or etc. - and then the Plaintiffs telling the Attorney General of Texas that their claims did not even EXIST ... check it out for yourself - try to find "600" Virgil St., Abilene, Texas, that I was supposed to have placed a lien against the City for over 1 Billion Bucks in 2003 over ...

"600" Virgil St., DOES NOT EXIST and DID NOT EXIST ... ever. Yep - and the Honorable Judge using his wooden thingie like a magic wand ... breathed life into the Fairy Tail (why Tail? because we all know what comes out from under it, eh?).

Yes - the Plaintiffs tried to get the Attorney General of Texas to side with them - by telling the Attorney General that they DENIED ME THE INFORMATION DURING A COURT PROCEEDING ... hmmm - they admit to the Attorney General that they not only WITHHELD EVIDENCE, OBSTRUCTED JUSTICE and/or etc. ... but; they tried to get the Attorney General to side with them after they denied me the information through the Discovery Process, Public Information/Open Records Act and/or etc.

Now - keep in mind - each Felony committed by even one Plaintiff against me - is TIMES 10 (ten) as there are 10 (ten) Conspiring Plaintiffs ... and who knows how many not named as Plaintiffs.

Yes - using your Misappropriated Funds - your hard earned Tax Dollars ... to conduct this Frivolous and Fraudulent act against a Citizen or citizen, Person or person and/or etc. - so they could actually Defraud me out of over $10,000.00 EACH ... they admit fully to the Attorney General of Texas what they did - I took a Criminal Complaint to the District Attorney, Taylor County, Texas ... and it appears that he is trying to help these Known Felons as well - as he would not even return my Complaint ... why???

Because if he returned the Complaint - I could bring in the Attorney General of Texas - but; by the District Attorney not keeping the law and doing his Duty - I was cut off from higher powers doing something. What a game, eh?

It should get interesting ... once I file again. They should have shot me dead on the day they came to my property with a Demolition Order and Ordered my then pregnant wife and myself off our property - bulldozing 2 (two) brand new homes, my business ... even my septic tank and a couple trees while they removed all my top soil as well.

Yeah - we were made instantly homeless in the middle of the winter with just the clothes on our backs ... we took up residence in an abandoned school bus. We never even had a day in court before being deprived of Life, Liberty or PROPERTY ... but; what do they care, eh?

Even the Demolition Order HAD THE WRONG ADDRESS ON IT .. they came to my property that did not even have a condemned building on it - and BULL DOZED THE WRONG PROPERTY ... so - to cover it all up - the 10 (ten) Plaintiffs EACH wanted to get IN EXCESS OF $10,000.00 - EACH ... FROM ME ... for damages to them.

Of course the Plaintiffs say they were not involved with the demolition of 1989 ... it was others - but; I did not get one red cent for what they did in error ... and they will pay, one day they will all pay just the same - as I told the Head Attorney of the City - that she may not have done this criminal act - but; she is supporting it and therefore an accessory for trying to further Defraud me for the defense of Known Felons ... and I don't think she liked that too well.

See - they wanted my property to build a Lytle Shores II, and tried to steal my property - they flooded the old Ludlow District - of poor black folk by building a dam across Catclaw Creek ... made it a flood zone and gave pennies on the dollar for the property. By my efforts - a baseball field was built once I exposed the corruptions.

I been fighting this battle for around 18 years now ... no lawyer or attorney in Abilene would touch this one because they know the corruptions and don't want to be nailed to a stake for biting the hands that feed them.

I have been cut off from the press and nobody wants to hear about it ... who wants to really see what is behind the curtain that the Citizens put their trust in? Who knows where this will lead - I have a great idea ... and if I survive - there may be some upset Public Servants ... Before you judge me though - as I have already been judged guilty by Known Felons ... here is an excerpt from our Declaration of Independence for you to consider:

The unanimous Declaration of the thirteen united States of America

... “But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future security.” (emphasis mine)


Big AL