Tuesday, May 22, 2007

pruning boy #006: proph-o-drama

Several months back, Agent X explained to me the term and action of "proph-o-drama": a story or message from the CEO being told through the actions of an individual's life. Like Hosea marrying a whore to show the CEO's relationship with Israel. Or the recent example given by Mother Beverly.

The "Pruning Boy" series is an attempt to share some of my adventures employed as a manual laborer with Son and Dad Tree Service, Inc. I'm convinced that the CEO has me in this job to 1) show me various spiritual truths that relate to pruning, and 2) experience the plight of the under-paid, under-insured, manual hourly worker supporting a family. At least, that's my best guess at why I'm in this gig. Because it doesn't pay jack shit.

This recent pruning boy episode reads like a dream that needs interpreting:

Son and Dad Tree Service, Inc. was recently hired by one of the largest social-club, mega churches in the fair mother city. A church that has much of the "old money" around town, thus much of the local economical influence.

It's also the church The Son has been a member of for 35 years. But I won't go into the inbred socio-economic relations of social clubs (churches) that keep the fair mother city's economy rolling. That's another report entirely.

We were hired to trim and prune a series of oak trees on this church's property. Oak trees are some of the longest living and strongest trees. And they grow well in this region of the world. They are difficult to plant and get started. But once established, they could last 150 years, as they don't die easy.

So one day, I find myself with a motorized pole saw pruning this enormously grand oak tree located in a huge inner, hidden court yard that I never knew existed. And I would bet that only members of this church know of the court yard since it cannot be seen from the street.


...the guy who's the biggest critic of church in the town known for church.

...pruning and destroying the dead limbs.

...in a beautiful hidden court yard.

...the belly of the beast of religion in the fair mother city.

...unnoticed within the bowels of the operation.

...at one of the wealthiest social clubs around.

...and one of the clubs that's in the top five of my critical hit list.

Let me know if you think this is something the CEO is trying to tell me or if I'm just nuts.


Anonymous said...

Run with it man. I think you are on to something here.

Jesus is Lord!!!

Anonymous said...

I love a good proph-o-drama. Did you here the one about the proph who picked a fight with a brick? Or the one about the proph who carved up his dead girlfriend into twelve narly pieces and sent a piece to each tribe of his countrymen? Or the proph who did not want to preach hellfire and brimstone possibly because he knew God would be gracious and thus make him a false-proph so he caught a boat goint the other way out of town only to wind up in the belly of a fish?

But my favorite one is the young proph from Galilee who wished to demonstrate what it would look like if the God of the Universe was to be coronated as king! Oh yeah, and how that the dead don't stay dead!

Jesus is Lord!!!


Tangerinetinselbreeze said...

Kinda reminds me of when Anakin flew into the mothership- as a child he inadvertantly hit the core.
Pray- something big is about to happen.

Beth said...

Now that's pretty great, is what that is.

IZenBet said...

is this a washing the feet of ones enemies? or heaping burning coals on their head to help them survive in beautiful surroundings? either way it's paradoxical to me!

keep up the good work the CEO has given in this oppertunity!


Anonymous said...


I don't think you are nuts. But then of course you know that already. I think there is something here to consider, carefully. And if you recall, I posted sometime back that I think the community must receive your oracle and in that process it becomes a full prophecy.

I often read your adventures in pruning and smell the scent of prophecy. Not sure ever adventure is equally prophetic, but don't let that inhibit your imagination. I am learning this stuff too. Kinda like a Virginia Slim advertizement geard for women of yesteryear, in this case the slogan speaks to a couple of old CoC types... "Youve come a long way, Baby!" This is new territory for us.

Jesus is Lord...

Agent B said...

It's easy for me to get carried away with stuff like this...

But the theme of "Trojan Horse" keeps coming to mind.

I mean really. If this church knew who I was (big church critic who drinks beer and isn't afraid of the word "fuck"), they wouldn't let me on their property. Or at least not in their private court yard with a pole saw.

I was in a true undercover role. Invited in under the guise as a "tree professional" (now that's funny). I got to see something old and majestic growing within the center of their operation. And I personally spent 3-4 hours removing as much dead stuff that could be reached, plus prune back a couple of low limbs.

Like maybe something within this very old and established church club needs cutting back and removal.

Something dead.

...help me out here, I'm going too far with this.

miller said...


i think its unfair to say they wouldn't let you on the property if they knew who you are. i'm sure they would as long as its to perform some menial task like removing dead limbs from a tree.

so if this little experience is indeed prophetic...

what are you going to do about it?

are you supposed to do the literal pruning? are you supposed to speak the message to the church? are you supposed to start going to this church so you can share this message? is it just supposed to stay here???

i'm on your side here, i just wonder whether you're supposed to respond to this proph-o-drama in some way beyond this blog posting...


Agent B said...

I have no clue or answer to any of your questions Miller.

As always, I will not make anything happen. But if the CEO tells me to do something, I will.

Anonymous said...

My parents keep a bumper sticker on the door of their fridge that says: Faith involves Risk.



Agent B said...

Well...I wrote about this experience because I was searching for anyone's opinion/interpretation over this weird series of events.

Was is a wacky coincidence? Or some "proph-o-drama"?

I refuse to go and make something happen (thus, use "risk") unless I am convinced the CEO is telling me to.

And so far, this event is just a weird event.

Maybe it represents something that will happen somewhere else or at some other time.

And oh yeah, Miller: that "property" comment was suppose to be a joke. Sorry if that wasn't clear on my part.

Anonymous said...

I disagree with you statement: And so far, this event is just a weird event. This suggests there are parts of life where God is not at work - like a God vacuum. There is no such vacuum. God is in this. And he doesn't do "just a weird event" even if it is really weird. It has a purpose, a meaning.

I also agree with Miller's assessment that you would be welcome there, but only for the mundane tree trimming work. They don't want your prophecy. And for it you may earn a prophet's wage, though I have not heard of any getting sawed in two in a long time. :) Thank goodness...

And it may be a while before God's message becomes clear in this. But it will soon enough.

Faith is risky stuff. Don't let the weirdness of the thing inhibit your imagination. Especially, don't back down just because it is a weird event!

Jesus is Lord!


miller said...


yeah, i got the joke... i was joking back!

and i think it would be foolish to act without being sure that God was directing you.

so on that i agree with you...

i guess i was trying to help you think of meaning in terms of what point there might be to the thing you see.

sometimes the message is only for the edification of the few... i've had insights like this from experiences i've had. i think they're common among those who are paying attention.

thanks for sharing