Wednesday, May 09, 2007

reporting for duty

Back in the fair mother city. A place I’m not so sure I want to be anymore. But I’ve been whining about that for years.

This will be the last report on the weekend in the Salem, MA area. I cannot add any more to the many good things that have been said throughout the agent blogging network about the conference and overall weekend.

Checkout the new links added into the network when you get a chance: The Kayaker, Smu, Mother Beverly, and The Gathering.

I didn’t realize how much of a respite I needed from the fair mother city until I went to Salem. I didn’t realize how burnt out I was from being on the field.

Being a secret agent has its down side. Like how being undercover on the field, and left with little or no communication from headquarters or face time other agents can be excruciatingly lonely. Not to mention it’s easy to forget parts of your original identity when you’re out on the field.

All that to say: I was incredibly enthused and recharged after this past week. I needed that trip more than I realized. To finally put real faces with blog names, meet and be with dozens of people who are more or less in this same undercover calling of sorts (operating outside of traditional church guidelines), learn and listen and contribute at the conference, and just to get the hell out of the bible belt for 5 days has been absolutely priceless for me.

The only thing I would have changed would be if Agent Wife could have joined me. But that’s difficult with two young offsprings in diapers at this time. Maybe someday, in a couple of years. And unfortunately, Agent Wife had a much opposite experience than I while I was gone, as she spent the week with my family in the faithless material and gossipy overload world of the Houston suburbs. CEO, help her please.

Meanwhile, back on the home front...

Obi-Wan and Lamont are well. Agent Wife dealt with the dysfunctional duo on a grocery run while I mowed yards in the rain on the Pruning Boy gig.

Frieda Sanford has been in the hospital getting some major female parts removed, etc. She is scheduled to return home tomorrow.

The garden is doing very well thanks to a rare overabundance of rain for West Texas.

Thanks for reading and enduring my joy and reports while I traveled. The “fair mother city” series, “pruning boy” series, and basic nonsense on the agent b files will return now to its regularly scheduled program...


John Smulo said...

Thanks for the link my friend. I always wanted to meet a secret agent. Very cool to have finally met one.

I'm looking forward to seeing the CEO's next steps for you guys.

Beth said...

Thanks for the link. Great to meet you.

Deana Watson said...

I'm in Tulsa this week...makes me appreciate every part of Denver. And makes me is amazing how God has plans for us. Even though we feel stuck in Denver and want and are so ready for the next step, it could be so much worse!

I'm sure agent wife is very happy to have you home!

g13 said...

hey now, take it easy on tulsa. that's my home town!

actually, on second thought, beat the shit out of it. the christians there love to play the martyr and will love you for it.