Wednesday, February 28, 2007

adventures of pruning boy #001

This tree service job is going to be a good gig.

I’m working for a small family run outdoor business that’s been around for several decades. The dad started it as a part time job way back when and the son bought it about 25 years ago. Both still work with the company.

The son is probably in his 60’s. The dad is 88.

I’m serious. We’re out with motorized pole saws, climbing ladders and so forth and this 88 year-old frail looking man is hauling off our cut limbs to the trailer. It’s kind of inspiring if not humbling.

I’m the young buck of the trio. I did most of the work since the son’s doctor told him not to climb ladders with pole saws anymore.

Some might say I was their bitch. But I don’t mind being the bitch. They’re easy guys to work for.

I’ve always liked manual labor as opposed to office busy work. I probably won’t be saying that in the July heat though. It seems to be a flexible gig for the secret agent life.

I don’t know...there’s just a real down to earth surealness when you’re straddling a branch on a two-story oak tree, holding a device that could cut your arm off, and trying to cut a branch that’s angled slightly over your head.

It’s calm. Almost like a faith test.

It’s weird.


Miller said...



speaking of pole saws...

i need to come and get mine


Anonymous said...

"Their Bitch" Ha ha ha ha ha plop. You made me laugh my head off. Thats funny.

Also, make sure your sitting on the part of the branch that is connected to the trunk, otherwise you are gonna fall when you cut it off!

Great post. Made me laugh.

Many blessings...

Agent X

mike said...

ahh dang it!

agent x beat me to the punch.

climbing trees is a blast. i used to build ropes courses in the Redwoods here in cali. the only sticky part is the sap. pfft.

man that was bad.

anyway, i agree with you about manual outdoor labor. there is for sure a spiritual aspect to it.

i know i use the lords name a lot.