Monday, February 26, 2007

testimony #025: pruning

The end of the month is coming up and bills will start coming due. Last night, the family and I prayed for a host of things, one of which was for a way to pay upcoming bills.

This morning before 9am I had not one but two labor opportunities. One of which might be semi-permanent.

My friend in Jones County called and wants to hire me for Tuesday to do some prep work and clean up for a slab being poured on his property. He’s adding on to his house.

After that call, my neighbor across the street Mr. Mackey brought over his friend who owns a tree pruning and maintenance business. He’s looking for help beginning Wednesday.

I suppose this could be the answer to that prayer last night.

And beginning Wednesday I could become a professional pruner. There’s got to be something deep and/or spiritual in that, being that this long journey through the desert has been one giant pruning of my life.

On a semi-related note:

I spent most of last week and this morning pruning the trees in my back yard as well as Obi-Wan’s. Pole saws and chain saws are like music instruments to me now.

There’s no way to express the irony of working on Obi-Wan’s trees with a chain saw while he’s sitting in the hospital getting his leg amputated. So I’ll just make a brief mention of it now.


Mark said...

The Pruning of a Secret Agent, that has a nice ring to it. Though could be painful as well as profitable (i.e. watch out for those pole saws!)

Latest update on Obi-Wan?

Agent B said...


Still in the hospital. Recovering. Seems a little more like the Obi-Wan we've known.

He should be moving to a rehab program soon, I think.

Tangerine Tinselbreeze said...

Definitely listen to the lessons from the CEO. I spent 18 months in wound care, watching the human tissue rot, heal and regenerate. It really was from the CEO. A process not unlike the spiritual parallel. I obviously had things that required healing.
I have a friend that wrote a song about trees sort of. Inspired by Jesus, he doesn't want to see trees anymore, but people-the gist of the chorus.
I just want to tell you that I think that you and your wife are lovely people. No one is perfect, but the fact that you both earnestly put yourselves out there seeking a meek, humble, love him, love others approach is beautiful to me. He will see His reflection in your eyes as you seek His face. Be blessed in the abundant provision coming your way.

Agent B said...

Thanks for the kind words Tang.