Thursday, February 15, 2007


It is official. As of the last two weeks, Agent Wife and I have taken the necessary steps to remove ourselves from the izzy group ministry. And this is a good thing.

My wife and I have a long history with the izzy group. As early as 1998 Agent Wife volunteered in it’s food pantry. I followed suite in 1999 and we found ourselves staff members in 2000.

One of my favorite things about the izzy group ministry as opposed to any other ministry outlet to the poor is that they did not fear change. Izzy rarely stayed the same for more than 6 months. And this constant change was a result of hearing the CEO and thus moving accordingly, as opposed to sticking to tradition or legacy.

Over the years we watched the izzy group turn from a simple church food pantry to a dignified shelter and café for the poor; from a social apparatus to a springboard for friendship between rich and poor and all else; from the most effective poverty ministry outlet in town to a quiet, behind the scenes operation.

Much like Agent Wife and myself, the izzy group is currently in a desert period of sorts. It makes no sense to leave them now. It almost seems cruel.

Yet I sought the CEO for months and I’m convinced we don’t belong there anymore. And that’s not a sad thing. The Bossman and I are still close friends. I’m sure we’ll find a cigar or two to smoke together on occasion.

Agent Wife and I are also convinced that we needed to let go of the old before we could embrace the new (Matt 13:44). You know...selling all we own before we buy the whole field with the treasure.

We still don’t know what the new is. But I think I’m starting to see it.

My life is still wide open for the CEO to do something crazy and new. I’m still casting nets, applying for jobs, etc. So far...he’s still providing for us in weird ways, which makes us available to the poverty culture we love. So...I don’t know.

I don’t usually “request prayers” on these reports. But any and all communication on my behalf to the CEO is appreciated. I’m ready for a door to open. I’m ready for this desert period to end.


Pete said...

i pray/type: that god will bless you keep you empower you, and show you they way. and that he will bless izzy as well

Agent B said...

Thanks Pete.