Saturday, February 16, 2008

testimony #039

From within my secret identity persona of a musician...I recently played the local monthly art-gig.

This is far from anything that would be categorized under "big deal". Art-gig is a monthly fare where the museum district makes everything free for a night and thus gives excuse for scores of locals to hit the town on a weeknight. And I've played it on and off for 10 years.

I call it cheap-ass night. Playing there is sometimes great exposure, but nobody is in the spend-money mood. The venues rarely pay, and CD sales are usually at an all-time low. Or maybe it's because my CD is like 9-years old and boring.

Anyway, in my 10 years of art-gigging, never in my experience have I scored a huge paying gig out of it like I did this time. A vague acquaintance pops up and offers me this big-pay gig at a private affair coming real soon.

The pay will easily make up for lost wages I've suffered over the last two weeks due to illness and lack of available work.

Thank you CEO.

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