Friday, February 01, 2008

return of hair cut lady

Recently I made my once-every-16-month trip to the hair cut lady. She seems to be doing ok. She's still the same bitter critic of this religious town that is the fair mother city. No wonder I like her.

Hair cut lady goes against the grain of the religious culture in West Texas. And I think she goes against the grain of her bouffant-hair doo'ed counterparts at the salon. And I guess my appearance of late is going against that same grain as those counterparts all gave me that sneer that said "you must be Hair Cut Lady's client". Ha.

Last time I visited her, she and her tattoo artist/shop owner husband had opened up a bar. They no longer own that bar. She didn't offer an explanation so I didn't ask.

And one of her husband's former employees opened up his own tattoo shop next door to the salon, which is down the sidewalk from her husband's shop. How nice.

Other than losing the bar, cutting hair for church ladies, and dealing with an over-crowded local tattoo competition, she's still trying to raise teen daughters. She seems to fret about them a lot.

CEO - show the real you to Hair Cut Lady. Please be gentle, loving, and real to her.

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