Tuesday, February 12, 2008

five years of obi-wan

I celebrated wellness today by getting out of the house. Ten days is way too long to be stuck indoors.

One of my many agendas was to visit my dear friend, neighbor, mentor, and Fred Sanford stunt double Obi-Wan. He kept me fed with fried catfish nuggets and fried pork steaks during my illness. An in-person thank-you was due. And besides, I just miss him.

Next month makes five years that my family has lived at this undisclosed location we call home. And thus, this spring makes five years that we met Obi-Wan on his front porch as we walked our (then) new dog.

I remember back then thinking that this old man probably wouldn’t be around much longer. He was 86 years old then, his most recent wife had just passed, and he appeared to need much assistance getting around.

Well, I was indeed wrong. Obi-Wan could withstand a nuclear bomb. And he practically has: he lived through third degree burns when a gas station he was employed at in the 1950’s blew up, sending him to the special “colored” wing of the local hospital for several months.

And last year I was convinced that he was on his way into eternity when his diabetes turned the pains in his leg for the worse. Instead, amputation was the cure. He’s never been better.

He was so happy to see me today. It’s nice to feel wanted. My recent marathon quarantine has given me newfound insight to Obi-Wan’s sequestered existence. It must suck.

I mean, I kind of assumed that sitting in the same house day in and day out can’t be all that bad. He’s got a phone, a TV, a few friends, and a nurse that comes daily. Boy, was I wrong. Now I know how lonely he feels. I don’t know about Obi-Wan, but I can get insanely depressed living like that.

But as we talked today, the winter is growing old on both of us. It was fun to plot and scheme spring plans together. Like how we both want gardens again. And how we might get the engine replaced on our old tiller, or perhaps buy a new tiller. And all the lawn equipment we’d like to get...

As always CEO, thanks for Obi-Wan.