Tuesday, July 22, 2008

return of the jedi padawan

My master plan is back on track with my starting a part-time job with my jedi master (the house flipper) this week.

I was fairly sure it might come back around again. And if it didn't, I would have kept volunteering for him in the afternoons as I found time. This flipper is valuable to work with, as he specifically teaches me many areas of the over-all flipping business as well as various trade skills I lacked experience in. I am convinced it was no coincidence that we hooked up.

This is the step in the direction I've been waiting for. Thank you CEO.


Mark said...

great to hear! so you're doing a lot of the house repair and he is doing the finangling and selling and such? is this something you think will generate some income in the short term or a ways down the road?

Agent B said...

Mark -

Currently, I am a mere part-time hourly worker, thus, I am employed by the Jedi Master.

My goal is to train in areas of carpentry and the overall business of house flipping, so I could do this solo one day. And that is being obtained.

Although a potential partnership of sorts with the JM is not out of the question...

g13 said...

that's great news b. thanks for sharing.