Wednesday, June 04, 2008

state of the union

To those of you who have read these agent b files reports from a year ago and beyond, I believe I am a different person compared to back then. I think my faith is growing due to experience and choosing to not dwell on the world’s values that surround me.

There has not been any trials-of-fire as of late. Even our concern over funding the delivery of Offspring #3 is diminishing as we have high hopes of qualifying for a state health program. I no longer feel like a whiner in this desert ear of my family’s life.

I work for part-time hourly pay in a manual labor role with a local tree service run by a micro-managing version of Homer Simpson and his dad. And I’m fine with that.

I mow yards in my neighborhood like I did back in Houston when I was 14. Now I’m nearing 40. And I’m OK with that.

Occasionally I land a paying music gig for my niche act. Sometimes I wonder how my life would have evolved had I followed my heart twelve years ago and moved to Austin to follow these pursuits. But I’m OK where I’m at.

I have a semi-goofy sounding plan to flip houses in hopes of earning a better living while not being tied to a company’s schedule and possible alleviating some ounce of injustice in the process. I have financial backing, but little experience in general trades and carpentry. I scramble over to do volunteer experience-gaining labor in between other odd jobs and various agent and family duties. It seems ridiculous, but I have faith it will pay off. And I’m OK with this.

Occasionally I serve food with a local catering company to some of the region’s wealthier people. The patrons give me an aloof glare if they don’t recognize the food immediately or if I interrupt their conversation with a plate placement. I’m fine with this.

Agent Wife watches two small boys in addition to our own two toddlers three days a week. She teaches a class at a local gym twice a week and has worked the grounds for some wedding photographer friends of ours.

Agent Wife has a masters degree and I have an undergrad degree in an art related field. We’re OK with this.

We are OK with our lives because we have embraced our role and our calling in this life and have stopped comparing ourselves with the success-driven culture.

And I’m convinced there is more to this secret agent story to come...


trish said...

me too. convinced. miss you guys.

Anonymous said...

i appreciate that right there.

Jason & Nicole said...

Still enjoying the b-files and the reminders of true success. Bless you!