Monday, June 16, 2008

life speak

Christianity and its surrounding culture is funny. Who would have thought I’d ever say that?

For starters, we believers feel it necessary to prove to the world around us that we are believers.

I’m not suggesting we hide our faith necessarily.

I am indeed asking why must we announce our faith with our mere words? And clothing? And fish symbol thingys on our cars?

Are our actions and overall lives not representative enough?

Fletch once stated that the more bumper stickers and/or t-shirts a person wears claiming a certain point, that they are really just trying to convince THEMSELVES of this point in addition to trying to convince others that this is who they are (how's that for a run-on sentence?). I believe him.

How about...showing christ just by the WAY we live. The things we do. What we spend time doing and who with. Where we spend and place our resources. The business deals we make. The things we have and don't have and give. The words that come out of our mouth...and from our computers.


[rhymes with kerouac] said...

I think the fish decal and the tee-shirts aren't meant to communicate to the world... they're meant to communicate to other Christians. My favourite is the bumper sticker that says, "My boss is a Jewish carpenter". Who else but another Christian would even understand that?

Agent B said...

Well, I think the world is not that dense and they know christian symbols, etc when they see it.

But again, if I have to prove my faith to another, even a christian, then possibly my life is pathetic and not demonstrating any faith.

Andrew said...

I concur. I think christians have to be very vocal, because the reality is that our goals, aspirations, and motivations don't tend to be to different from the culture around us. So we have to be loud and crass to be noticed.

trish said...

maybe since we don't really know how to do or be community we have to throw our gang signs,i.e fish symbols and bumper stickers to have a sense of identity.

Agent B said...

Gang signs.

Good one.