Thursday, March 04, 2010

towards the end

Like much of the US, the fair mother city has endured the coldest, wettest, and possibly longest winter in the 20 years I've lived here. I don't know if it's over yet, but we've actually had some nice weather days lately. And since I am patiently waiting for my flip house to close and have no work for the time being, I've taken the kids out on walks, wagon rides and bike rides.

Everyone on the block is coming out of hibernation. So I get to see the neighbors way at the ends of our street who I'm not real close to. Thus, I'm sharing the news of our leaving which is still news to many.

Even cranky Mr. Buckley, donning his new "Stop Obama" sign in his window (that looks like a stop sign), was surprised. So it goes.

Thank you CEO for our time in this undisclosed neighborhood we call home.


George said...

I have been following you on your blog for several years. I am currently visiting Abilene and will be in town until next Thur or Fri. I would love to meet you and if possible have lunch or coffee. If you are willing and able, email me with your contact info and we'll work out something.

George Ezell

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