Sunday, August 30, 2009


If there was ever a week from hell on the job site, this past week would be one.

I try not to seek out demons behind every bush and/or activity in life as my charismatic church days have taught me. But sometimes I am convinced that there is more than meets the eye in various situations.

In one way or another, our foursome (Jedi Master, Chuckie, Forty-Nine Cent, and myself) are working on my second flip project. Perhaps I bit off more than I can chew with this one. Over all, we WILL be successful with this house. But it appears to be an uphill battle, which is more than we anticipated before purchase. So it goes. But carry on we must.

We were into week three: little visible change, much grueling labor ala house leveling etc., discovered that the lean-to garage is not salvageable – after working on it at least two days, a trio of prostitutes who live down the street soliciting their services to me and the guys, and two of our crew either facing or contemplating divorce.

Then, during a moment of little production and personal counseling between Forty-Nine Cent (who just received news of his wife’s desire for divorce) and the Jedi-Master, the female trio from down the block start shouting Forty-Nine’s name and flashing themselves.

If there was ever a calculated attack from the enemy of this world - that would be it I think.

Meanwhile, I am thankful for a work partner like the Jedi Master who agreed with me to drop our tools, call it a day, and join me in prayer at my home.


Amanda said...

Wow! What a crazy (not good crazy either) time y'all have been having. I'm so sorry!! I hope it gets better. You're so awesome I know it'll all turn out for the best though.

Jenelle said...

Yikes. As Grandma would say, "You all sound like the wreck of the Titanic right now." I'm glad Jedi Master is very wise.

Thanks for your kind words on the portu-gal blog this week. They meant a lot.

Agent X said...

Holy Cow!

...hang in there...

Hey, I just got my computer up and running again. Meaning I have way more internet access again than I have had in a while.

I wonder if I could get your input on my latest post regarding Catholic home-coming. Please visit again. Miss you on the Lubbock Front...


Agent X