Wednesday, April 08, 2009

in the pokey

Last week I hitched a ride to the jail with Frieda Sanford to visit The Tiger.

This was my first time to be demoted to jail visits as a normal citizen. In the past, my ministry credentials with the izzy group allowed me 9-5 access behind bars. Now I had to stand in line with about 40 girlfriends, wives, and scattering kids for a one-time-a-week 30 minute evening visit. So it goes.

Waiting in the jail lobby brought back memories of the old izzy group food pantry days. The cultures are identical and I miss it.

Tiger is well. He's been on the work crew that goes around cleaning county roads and such 8-5 M-F. The work crew is for the privileged few: those who are in for a minor offense, are less likely to flee, and know how to work, etc. That's right up Tiger's alley.

He said the work crew also get shorter jail time (3:1), better food, and share a cell block which builds some sort of upper-level brotherhood.

I'm glad all is well for him at the local jail. Because, if he doesn't succeed at his upcoming court date then his fate will be like his brother's: state prison.

He told me when he gets out he will ditch his old friends and live on the up and up.

CEO - you are the only way up. Please show him this.

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