Monday, February 02, 2009

dichotomy: two local tragedies

#1 - A family lost everything, including their mother here. One of the seven-year old twin boys isn't expected to make it either.

This family lives right across the street from my old boss with Son and Dad Tree Service, Inc. Every morning I would see this family when I arrived to work. They had all the mannerisms and trademarks of the poverty culture, including hanging outside in the front yard at all times of the day and enjoying life. The dad was a truck driver, I think. I waved to them and talked briefly once or twice. My heart breaks.

#2 - One of the old money social clubs in town is about to spend one million dollars on high definition broadcasting equipment. Which is even more pathetic since none of the local stations has complete HD technology yet to broadcast their church service to the capacity of the church's soon-to-be new equipment. Sheesh.

A poor family lost everything including their wife and mother.

And a mere 14 blocks away god's people toss big bucks at the trivial.

Forgive us all lord.

*photo credit by Ronald W. Erdrich.


Mike Murrow said...

it would be a bit harder to consider the whole god hypothesis a giant joke if it were not for #2. of course, things like #1 don't help much either. so much for "not a sparrow blah blah blah."

i have to go puke now.

Agent B said...


The 7-year old boy died in a hospital on Tuesday. His twin brother, 9-year old sister, and dad survived. Mom & son shared a coffin and were buried last Friday.

I think the whole city came together and pitched in to provide for the survivor's needs.

Mike: I know our lives are different and so forth. And I'll never twist your arm or debate you in what you believe, etc. I like you in one way or another.

I guess I define faith as believing in something no matter what shit happens.

Others would probably view that as ignorant, stubborn, or stupid. So it goes...

Mike Murrow said...

hmmm. i suppose from some angles i would view my rejection of faith as an act of protest against a god who refuses to answer for himself - that is if he/she/it really exists.

if god exists i refuse to worship a god that would do/allow or what ever such things, or create a world in which such things occur. i have no respect for people who do harm out of malice or negligence why should i extend respect to a god?

but to each his own i suppose.