Monday, November 17, 2008

White Utopia project: day one

So far, so good. Everything appears to be going well and has the potential to stay that way. I feel like I am getting closer to taking on the jedi trials and thus advancing past that of a padawan. At record speed.

But today, the local social scene bloomed. In one day I: 1) met the local gossip who shared some dirt on recent residents of our house. 2) was whistled or whooped at by some local redneck chicks in a pickup (or maybe that was meant for Chuckie) and 3) been given more than enough Texas-style approving head-nods by locals driving by.

Welcome to White Utopia. Not bad for one day. And we weren't even trying to meet anyone.

And oh yea...gossip neighbor mentioned she has church friends who are wanting to move to White Utopia from the fair mother city. Not a bad thing to hear in our position.

UPDATE: No one made mention of my misspelling of "project" in the earlier version of this report. See...small town brilliance is influencing me.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

welcum to the hood, nice to have folks come sea us frum the big city. if yu get a free time stop bi adn i wil
tak youuu on a tour of my coliktion of burning crosses and sho youu my whit hoods with hols for eyes and whil youu is hear youu can kiss my cusin and spnk my wife or kiss my wife and spnk my cusin hay did i mean to tell youu dont beliv every thig youu her about whit
utopa wes relly nice folks!