Thursday, October 30, 2008

mission accomplished (I think)

Today I took the day off to attend to business involving the house we’re flipping in White Utopia. We close on it next week.

So in between running errands, I took the two bags of tracts and went to the office of the mega church that the tract-passing crew (TPC) operates from. I didn’t know what to expect, but my plan was to meet someone from their operation face-to-face and make a polite plea for them to begin their own Evang-e-droppings cleanup operation.

Instead, I learned that the TPC does not have an office at this church (which happens to be the same mega church mentioned two posts earlier). But the secretary regularly contacts them and so forth. So I quickly scribbled out a note making my friendly plea, explaining that I was a mere background helper to their ministry, and left it with the two bags of tracts, showing that I did indeed collect these over the past year and I’m not making this up. In the end I signed it agent b, as opposed to my real name.

I don’t know if signing my alias was improper. Had I met them face-to-face I would have used my real name...out of necessity. The TPC’s leader and I have a brief history together. And I wanted to come clean and not hide behind veils, so it seems.

I have no idea if anything will come of this. But I feel that there’s closure. And I needed that.


Leanne said...

I would have loved to have been there to see the whole thing play out. What did the church secretary think when you unloaded both boxes?

Agent B said...


I don't think she figured it out right away.

I made small talk with her while I scribbled the note. She said this week was busy and appeared to be consumed with activity.

I'm sure she thought I ws donating a bunch of tracts to their ministry. Which I guess I was in a way.

Terri said...

Yeah, good job Agent B. You gave them more trash to litter around-I mean tools with which to save a soul ;) Anyway, I think it was a good idea to leave them a nice note and plea.

Agent B said...


I don't think they will reuse them. Most were ripped, soiled, folded, etc...